Custom Logo Design Get That Professional Look For Just $99.97

Well now you can finally get that custom logo design for your business at a truly affordable price of only $99.97

Our team of in-house professional logo designers ensure that your custom logo design is unique and suited to your target market. You no longer need to tolerate crummy, cookie-cutter logo designs spit out by supposed "logo design software". With our affordable prices, you can afford a TRULY custom logo design made by professional designers for less than the price of a nice dinner.

What's more. We don't take short cuts by using readily available templates or clip art to complete our work. Our designers take their custom logo creations very seriously. A little too seriously sometimes... :-)

What this means is that you will not encounter any problems when trying to trademark or copyright your custom logo design because it looks like the many others that came from numerous DIY logo design sites or "software".

All our illustrations are custom hand-drawn, scanned and traced to perfection by actual people. No process is skipped. We might take a little bit longer than those DIY sites to produce an artwork but then so would Da Vinci.

Here is the best part. For just $99.97, you not only get seasoned professional designers at your service, you get 2 ORIGINAL custom logo design concepts delivered to you in just 48 hours. That's 2 DAYS!

And there's more. You get unlimited revisions and a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. And just so you know, our $99.97 custom logo design service does not come with a catch at the end. You WILL get your logo design files delivered in MULTIPLE file formats for easy printing and web usage. No extra charges... Ever!


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