Logo Design Firm Just $99.97 Per Custom Logo

If you are seeking a logo design firm that can deliver outstanding designsat rates you don't have to think twice about, then you might well have found it here. Logo Design Studio is a logo design firm that has been producing quality logo designs for almost a decade. The two main factors that distinguish Logo Design Studio from other logo design firms are its amazingly short turnaround time (2 business days) and its ultra competitive pricing ($99.97)!

Value For Money!

You might think that for the ridiculously low price of $99.97 you would get a bare bones package with logos designed by a 3 year old.

Well get ready for this. If you sign up now for our $99.97 logo design package, you will be entitled to:

- 2 initial creatives just so you get double the design options

- Unlimited revisions of initial design so you are assured you will end up getting exactly what you want

- Complete ownership of final design so you can do anything you want with it. It's ALL YOURS! Unlike other design firms, we respect our clients believe that the rightful logo owners are the ones who paid for it. We highly recommend that you copyright and trademark your logo as a precaution.

- 100% satisfaction guarantee which simply means if  you are not satisfied with the initial design, we will refund your investment in FULL! Unlike many of our peers, we do not charge any additional fees to try to compensate for the time spent designing. So sign up at OUR risk. You have practically nothing to lose. There is no better deal out there.