Logo Design Services - The Best Logo Design Deal - Just $99.97

If you have reached this page, it is safe to say that you are looking for logo design services that will give your company a positive and great image but at a price which won't empty your bank account.

At Logo Design Studio we believe in giving you the best value in logo design services.

The design work also proved to be far superior than other web design companies. The graphics, and custom designs that Logo Design Studio makes are fabulous.

Dave Appel

South Smoke.Com

Our logo design services are packed to the brim with value which has gone unmatched for years. With almost 10 years under our belt and thousands of satisfied clients later, we have taken note of what our clients like and, more importantly, what they dislike. And we have put together a number of fantastic design packages specifically tailored for the budget conscious.

All our logo design services carry the same tried and true features that many design firms will find very difficult to match. 

- Every single logo design is PROFESSIONALLY designed from scratch with ZERO clip art usage. 

- 48 HOUR turnaround time. 

- UNLIMITED revisions. (It's always nice have this assurance, regardless of whether you'll ever need it). 

- FULL ownership of finalized designs so you can trademark them. (We find it strange that some design firms do not include ownership rights as part of the package price). 

- FREE hi-res files ready for printing. (We think it is ridiculous that some design firms should charge you a fee when you request such files).

- 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE with absolutely NO hidden charges. (We find no joy in taking your money if you aren't satisfied with our work).

After almost a decade in the industry, we know the 3 things our customers want. They want great designs, they want it fast and they want it cheap. After thousands of customers and countless designs, we truly believe we have the best affordable logo design deal you could possibly find.

I felt your service was excellent! This is possibly the greatest bargain on the web.

Diana Fernandez

Ragz Dressware

If you want your designs adapted to items such as company stationery, check out our package deal offers.