Logo Sample

Check out our logo sample showcase of logo designs created for our clients. Our professional logo designers are able to create the look and image you desire for your company. The logo sample showcase shown below contains logos created for clients from different fields, targeting different types of people. From the slick to the friendly and downright eye-catching, we can create the perfect logo for you.

Why should you choose Logo Design Studio? You get all these:

- 2 Initial Logo Design Creatives

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- Only $99.97 Per Logo

Have a look at our complete logo portfolio here.

Book Renter, Book Rental Logo Design

Logo Design Treatment Illustration/Text

Name Book Renter 

Logo Purpose Online Book Renter. The client is looking for a logo with the Tiki theme.

Color Multiple Colors 

Color Code black, brown, tan/gold, red

Designed by: Kim

Pro-Active Marketing Solutions, Marketing Logo Design

Logo Design Treatment Text 

Name Pro-active marketing solutions 

Logo Purpose marketing and sales solution trainers.

Color Multiple Colors 

Color Code Blue tones, purple and orange

Designed by: Kim

Suck & Blow, Beverage Logo Design

Logo Design Treatment Illustration  Name Suck & Blow 

Logo Purpose For a beverage. This product is a jello shot and will be sold to clubs and Bars. The client is looking for a 6 inch tube with a girl blowing on one side and a guy sucking on the other side. The client wants the logo to be fun and exciting!

Color Multiple Colors 

Color Code Blue, gold, white

Designed by: Kim