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 1. Mobiusoft Solutions

Mobiusoft Solutions is a Software development company. The client would like the name Mobiusoft and a mobius ring somewhere (replace the first O of Mobiusoft for example), or Mobiusoft that goes through to the ring. The final result comes out to be what the client wants which is a professional logo design.

 2. Cyber Xpress

They are a Courier Service company. This company does not have any preference on how we designed the logo. So, our designer used their creativity to come out with a professional logo design suitable for their market.

 3. Cruise Tix

Cruise Only Travel Agency. Selling cruises to the general public via 80% - 90% Internet and 10% - 20% traditional marketing and advertising. The client is looking for a logo that should represent innovation and customers should recognize logo of a cruise vendor/ travel agency.

 4. Book Renter

Online Book Rental. The client is looking for a logo with the Tiki theme.

5. Lumen Electronics

Online retailer in electronics. The client is looking for a logo associated with the logo name Lumen or Electronics.

 6. Suck & Blow

This was for a beverage company. This product was a jello shot and will be sold to clubs and bars. The client was looking for a 6 inch tube with a girl blowing on one side and a guy sucking on the other side. The client wants the logo to be fun and exciting!

 7. Guiding Star

For a group travel website. The client is looking for a big print of GS and a star next to the letters of the same height. The Star's tail goes in an oval shape around itself and the letters. Under GS and the star in smaller print, Guiding Star. The client expects something like a cool and hip sports shoe brand's logo, but with style.

 8. Alchemist

Programming Icon. The client would like something like a wizard in the anime style. He should be standing on the ground with flowers and herbs, also with a blue moon behind him. In the logo design, it should be noticable that he is converting XML code to javascript code ( JS ) - tubes bottle magic etc. A pretty tall order for a small logo.

 9. Pro-Active Marketing Solutions

Marketing and sales solution trainers. Did not have any requirements and was up to us to create the design.

 10. U11 Freedom

Competitive Youth Soccer Team. The client was looking for a soccer ball streaming through the air - with an eagle perched on top riding it. To show the motion of the ball, they would like flames or ribbons behind the ball with a US flag design or perhaps red/white stripes and some blue stars sprinkled around it.