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Your corporate logo design is definitely a very essential part of your corporate image. It's a fact. All well-known, successful 'brand name' companies rely heavily on their logo design for recognition within their industry and among their customers. Just a few more famous examples are Nike's "Swoosh", McDonald's Golden Arches, and Apple Computers' apple. Everyone knows them. Their logo design are instantly recognizable anywhere in the world.

A professional logo design will give your company greater credibility among your prospective customers. Think about yourself...

Would you trust a company that has an amateurish looking logo or one that has a strong, professional logo design? A good corporate logo design helps to gain your customers' trust.

Let's face it. Not everyone has the time, creativity, skill and talent to create a custom logo design for their own business. That's where our corporate logo design service comes in as we come up with creative logo designs that are unique and created from scratch for our clients. 

We DO NOT copy other company's logo design as we believe each company should have their own high quality logo designs that is unique to their branding based on the products and services they offer. 

A custom logo is conceptualized by our top logo designers as they sketch out the outline based on the information provided by clients. While other branding companies charge thousands of dollars for logo branding and logo creation service, we believe in keeping the price affordable for small and medium-sized businesses that are just starting out or who are in need of a logo redesign or re-branding for their business. 

A professional logo design service doesn't cost a few bucks. But a custom logo design service shouldn't cost an arm and a leg either. A corporate logo design service requires REAL logo designers who will work with you until you're happy with a logo design for your business which will reflect clearly across your website to office stationery and promotional materials like newsletters, flyers, banners and ads. 

With Logo Design Studio, you can literally get your OWN professional logo design created just for you within 48 hours. The best thing?

You only pay $69.97.

Imagine that. For the price of a decent dinner, you get your own professionally designed corporate logo design that will give your business more credibility.

100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee


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